Benefits and Risks of Drug Compounding

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Drug compounding is a new method which is slowly gaining acknowledgment and appreciation from health practitioners and health care institutions. It is the art and science of combining, mixing and preparing a personalized medication meant for a specific individual.

If you are not aware of how pharmaceutical compounding is done, this article brought by Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy would help you understand.


  1. Cheaper. Pharmacies which offer drug compounding usually charge less for drugs which are ordered by specific patients. This cheaper price is due to the specific doses given to the pharmacist who will prepare the drug. Also, compounded medications have been proven to have better and faster effect compared to those which are not. So when you get well fast, you would not need to take another set of it.
  2. Access to discontinued medications. Pharmaceutical companies stop manufacturing drugs which have very little demand because of high overhead costs for their production. But through drug compounding, patients who need to take discontinued drugs can already take them- they would only need to show the prescription to the pharmacist and wait for their order to come.
  3. Safe from allergic reactions. Each medical condition can be treated through a particular medicine; but what happens when a patient is allergic to one component of such drug? A person can possibly die because of allergic reactions. Hence, the availability of compounded drugs makes it possible for them to take their medications by taking off the harmful component or substituting it with another helpful chemical.


  1. Contamination. Regulations for pharmaceutical compounding are not as rigorous and strict as those meant for readily available drug manufacturers. Therefore, these drugs specially produced by compounding pharmacists are at high risk of getting contaminated. Despite the warnings made by the Food and Drugs Administration, there have still been cases of fungal meningitis, sterility and other conditions recorded which have been allegedly due to compounded drugs.
  2. Not suitable for everyone. Indeed, this new method practiced by pharmaceutical companies are beneficial, but they are only meant to be used by certain patients who actually need them like children with sensitive tastes, individuals who suffer from allergic reactions to certain chemicals and others who need specific medicine standard.

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