Customizing Medications for Your Pets


People treat pets as a part of the family and that’s why when your furry babies are not in great condition, you feel like doing everything you can to make them well again. Like humans, pets are prone to ailments and diseases. Depending on their breeds, pets are prone to different types of diseases, including worm and ear infections, respiratory infections, urinary tract diseases, skin rashes, and even heart problems. While pet medicines are widely available in the market, some pets require individualized compound medications, specially made by compounding pharmacies, like us at Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy.

Challenges in Giving Medications

Just like humans, there are also challenges in making pets take their medications. And not surprisingly, the challenges for humans and animals are just exactly the same.

  • Traditional medications, like pills, are not for stubborn pets.
  • Like the babies that they are, they refuse to ingest something that tastes or smells bad.
  • They are too weak or having problems swallowing their meds. This is a problem when the drug is only available in the market in a single form.

Compounding is the only solution

Just like human medicine, when the only drugs available in the market seem to not be made for your lovely pets, customizing medications to their taste and needs is the only option. Both safe and effective, compounding has been used and established in pharmacies since history. Our compounding experts, at Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy, will be able to help you:

Customize dosage. Compounding pharmacists can easily customize prescriptions to every pet’s unique needs. Some medicines may have the same effect for different types of pets, different pets require different dosage, depending on their size. Based on how small or large the animal is, the pharmacist will be able to determine the amount of dose that is safe, appropriate, and effective.

Flavour medicine. Animals are very particular with the taste and smell of the things they ingest, especially medicines. More importantly, they just love to be spoiled. Compounding pharmacists hide the natural taste of the drug by adding flavour to it to make it more palatable for the animal. Their medicines will then taste like chicken, tuna, or liver – pet’s favourite flavours – and will feel more like a special treat.

Nobody likes seeing their pet babies suffer from illnesses. However, with the help of expert compounding pharmacists at Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy in Lynn Road Thousand Oaks CA, getting your pets to take their meds to heal quickly will no longer be as stressful as before. For the most trusted compounding service for pet medications and more, visit us at

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