Easy Tricks to Make Your Kids Take Their Meds

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As parents, you would do anything to make your kids get well when they are sick. However, it seems they don’t share the same sentiment as they are usually adamant in refusing to take their medications. With some help from your trusted compounding pharmacists, at Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy, getting your kids to take their medications can be done with the following easy tricks.

Offer a reward

Kids love treats – but who doesn’t? Perhaps, the best way to convince them to take their meds is to give them a little bribery. Promise them a special something if they can take their medications and your problem is solved. They probably wouldn’t think about poking a hole on your pockets so you should be fine with giving them a piece of candy or a sticker in exchange of ensuring their health.

Break it

Most kids can’t swallow regular-sized tablets. While breaking the pill to make it easy enough for a child to swallow is the traditional way of solving the problem, doctors argue that there’s a big chance the right dose will not be taken. Pharmacists can help make tablets smaller without breaking or crushing it through compounding the dose into a smaller form for easier swallow.

Hide it

Hiding medicines into their favourite treats is also an effective way of making them take their meds without knowing. However, the surer way of making them take their medications secretly while making sure that they are getting the exact dose they need is for a compounding pharmacist to customize the drug and turn it into child-favourite treats, like lollipops and chewable.

Add flavour

The biggest reason for kids loathing their meds is the bad flavour and smell. It doesn’t matter if it’s a solid or liquid medication, if they can’t handle the taste, they will just end up vomiting it. Our skilled compounding Pharmacists at Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy, can easily customize the medication and give it a flavourful twist. By adding tasty flavour to their meds, making them take their medications can never get any easier.

With all these easy tricks, you will no longer have to make a dramatic effort in coaxing your stubborn kids to take their medications. Our knowledgeable compounding pharmacists Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy in Lynn Road Thousand Oaks CA will always be there to the rescue. Visit our website for more information at www.lynnoaksrx.com.

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