Birth Control

Did you know that Pharmacists can now furnish Birth Control to patients?

Did you run out of birth control renewals- and don’t have time to visit your Doctor?

Follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Fill out THIS FORM

2. Have a consult with our pharmacist
• $35 for a new start (has never used birth control before)
• $20 for a new consult (used birth control, but not from our pharmacists at Lynn Oaks)
• $20 for a Depo injection administration
• $10 for a 6 month renewal

3. Have 6 months of birth control refills, so you do not have to panic that it is Friday at 5 pm, and you are on your last pill!

Walk-ins are welcome!

If we do not have your specific birth control, we can order it for the next day.

We fax your primary care provider to make sure they know you have been furnished birth control.

Questions? Call our Pharmacists!

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