Compounding at a Pharmacy in Thousand Oaks CA

thumbAt Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy in Lynn Road Thousand Oaks CA we not only offer a wide variety of commercially available drugs, but specialize in making customized ones for your own particular needs. Whether it be a change in strength or even a change in the drug form, we are able to supply the patient with a factory-grade product within 24 hours. Check the FAQ below or one of the links on the right for more information. You can also give us a call at 805-495-1015 and one of our staff will be happy to help.

How does compounding benefit me?
The primary reason for compounding is non-compliance; meaning the patient or doctor is not willing to use the medication in its current form. A patient may either be allergic to a certain ingredient or need the drug in a dose that is not commercially available. With the doctor’s consent, our pharmacists can create specific medication to suit the needs of each patient.

Can children or the elderly take compounded medication?
Most compounding is actually done for children or the elderly. For example, if the child does not like the taste, the pharmacist can supply an array of different flavors so that the child will take the medication. In some elderly patients, pain medication cannot be taken internally because of liver problems or side effects. In this case the pharmacist can create a topical cream or gel used to only treat the affected area. A number of compounded medications can help in any unique situation for other symptoms as well.

Is compounding safe?
Compounding has been a fundamental aspect of pharmacies since the beginning. Today, compounding in pharmacies continues to grow and has since benefitted from advances in technology and quality control. The Food and Drug Administration states that pharmaceutical compounding is ethical and legal if prescribed by a licensed doctor and filled by a licensed pharmacy.

Will my insurance cover a compounded medication?
Some insurance plans will cover the cost of the compounded medication directly. In other words, when the prescription is brought in by the patient, the insurance reimburses for the cost of the medication when billed at the pharmacy. However, if they will not cover the medication when processed online, the patient may be able to pay for it and be reimbursed directly from the insurance company. All insurance plans are different, so check with your individual provider.

Does my doctor know about compounding?
Prescription compounding is a rapidly growing industry, but many doctors aren’t aware of the full potential of a Compounding Pharmacy. If you have a medical condition that cannot be resolved by commercial medication strengths or dosage forms, a compounded prescription may be the answer. A relationship among the pharmacist, the physician, and the patient can be utilized in order to solve any unique medical issue.

Compounding Topics

  • Pain
    Every individual is different and unique and the types of pain experienced can be diverse as well. By being able to compound pain medication we can tailor it specifically for the patient’s pain and provide optimal pain management.
  • Hormone Replacement
    Unbalanced hormones can cause patients to feel strange and can be caused by many reasons. However, hormone replacement therapy is a way to restore balance and help patients feel better.
  • Pediatric
    Most kids have hard time taking medications but having the option to compound medications by flavoring and providing individualized strengths and dosage forms can make it easier for kids to take medications.
  • Veterinary
    As a pet owner you want to provide the best quality medication for pet. Sometimes, it is difficult to give medications to your pets, but compounding medications for pets allows for individualized medication dosing which makes it easier to give to your pets.
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