Why are there appointment and injection fees?

Our travel health professionals have undergone extensive training and education in their chosen field. Having an appointment where you receive a personalized plan to keep you safe and healthy on your trip is a service. Accessing this knowledge is very similar to having an appointment with a doctor, lawyer, accountant, or other professional. Travel health consultations are not covered by insurance.

A typical injection fee is $20 per vaccine. The Yellow Fever Vaccine injection fee is $40, which includes the certification and stamp. Additional official copies are $5.

What happens during my pre-travel consultation?

During your appointment, a travel health consultant will evaluate your risks based on the trip details and your health status. You will receive a travel destination booklet that is specific to your trip as well as recommendations and prescriptions for the appropriate vaccinations. Prescriptions and vaccines are available on site and can usually be prepared and administered immediately after the consultation. If we do not have it in stock we can typically get it within 24-48 hrs.

I found a couple of websites and I’ve figured out what I need on my own. I just need someone to give me the shots.

Our practitioners provide more information than just running through a list of vaccinations. They will analyze your health history and the details of your trip. After reviewing this information and asking you some follow up questions to complete the picture, they will determine what specific measures are most appropriate to keep you healthy and safe. Our providers keep up to date with the latest information regarding global outbreaks of illness and the most appropriate preventative measures and treatment.

How long will my appointment take?

You can expect the appointment to take approximately 30 minutes. If you submit the forms online ahead of time, our provider can do the research before you come in and the process will move a little quicker.

Why do you charge based on traveler since the group is going to the same country?

Each traveler has their own unique history of vaccinations and conditions, which requires a pharmacist to do a complete review of each traveler. Although there are topics that coincide because the group is going to the same country, individual needs must also be addressed. Please plan on a longer appointment for groups of > 3.

How far in advance should I book my appointment?

Ideally, you should book your appointment between 6 and 8 weeks before travelling. Some vaccines need more than one dose before you travel, and some vaccines take time after being given to become effective. However, there can still be benefits to having an appointment at the last minute. Our travel health consultants will be able to offer you some options that may offer some protection.

Does third party pay for travel health services?

Travel health consultations are not covered by your insurance, but travel immunizations and prescriptions may be covered. The pharmacy will check with your insurance plan to see what we can get covered for you. Travel health consultations can sometimes be billed to a health spending account plan.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Fill out the travel itinerary prior to coming to the appointment. Please bring as much information about your travel plans and itinerary as you have available. Also bring a list of current medications and your vaccination records.

Can’t you just tell me what I need for my trip over the phone?

Every patient has their own unique health history and travel plans. Our travel health consultants cannot responsibly provide specific recommendations for your trip in a five minute phone call. If you would like to receive the benefit of our practitioner’s knowledge, you can get it at a pre-travel consultation appointment.

Why can’t I just go to my family doctor for a pre-travel consultation?

Some family doctors may see patients for travel health appointments, but we have found that many family doctors prefer to send patients to travel clinics. Often they have enough trouble fitting in all of their other types of appointments during their day, and they would prefer to send their patients to a travel clinic where they focus on this area of practice and are up to date with the latest travel health information. We can send your doctor a letter regarding your appointment for their records and continuity of care.

I received a prescription for a vaccine or a travel-related medication from outside your clinic. Can you give me the vaccination and fill my prescription?

Absolutely! We typically have a good supply of vaccines and travel related prescriptions (such as anti-malaria medicines) in stock. Just give us a call to check to make sure we have it on hand at that time. Please note that there is a $20 injection fee per patient for travel vaccinations. Yellow fever vaccinations have a $40 injection fee per patient. Additional official records and stamps for yellow fever are available for $5.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book your appointment online or by calling us at 805-495-1015

Our group is going on a trip. Can you do a group appointment?

We are able to do group appointments.

How much will an appointment and vaccines cost?

The consultation costs $49. Costs of the vaccines will depend on the insurance company, and each vaccine has a $20 administration fee.

Our company sends staff members overseas. Can we set up a corporate account with you?

Business Travel

Corporate Travel Health Services

We know that your people need to be able to perform and impress wherever they are in the world. We are also aware that the costs associated with personnel getting sick while traveling can be significant. Our travel health consultants will work with your company to create a plan to keep staff healthy and productive while traveling and after their return. We will develop a corporate travel health plan designed to keep your important projects running smoothly.

Corporate Travel Health Plan

Step #1 – Discuss details of the trip, including destination, method of travel, activities, duration and accommodations. Our travel health practitioners will work with your team to develop travel protocols that can be used in conjunction with an individual travel health assessment. Complete a trip intake form from our website prior to appointment.

Step #2 – Educate employees on health risks and diseases they may encounter. We discuss topics ranging from plans to minimize jet lag, how to decrease the risk of diarrhea, and how to avoid tropical diseases.

Step #3 – Design a specific travel health plan for each employee, based on the specific details of their trip and their medical history and current health conditions.

Custom First Aid Kits

Besides providing comprehensive consultations, Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy can provide your business with customized travel first aid kits. Whether it’s a mosquito net, sunscreen, or an anti-nausea medicine, Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy can make an efficient and effective kit to best suit your traveler’s needs.

What are the methods of payment?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit and Cash. We are able to directly bill some drug plans as well. Bring your drug benefits card to your appointment.

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