Free Delivery

Free Delivery from Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy in Thousand Oaks CA

Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy will deliver your orders at no extra charge to the cities and counties covered in our service area.

We save you the trip, no need to walk or drive to the pharmacy. Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy can even deliver OTC drugs, antibiotics, vitamins and pain medications on the same day that you order them.

If your order involves a prescription verification, no problem! Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy will send one of its staff to pick up your current medication packets or your prescription as issued by the physician and return with a filled prescription or refill of your current prescription. No delays. No lining up in the queue. It’s as simple as calling us to place your order and getting the delivery at home.

Please call us at 805-495-1015 to confirm if your delivery address is within our designated service area scope. Thank you for choosing Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy.

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