Long Term Care

Long Term Care Pharmacy in Lynn Road Thousand Oaks CA

One of our specialty services at Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy in Lynn Road Thousand Oaks CA is serving Long Term Care Facilities with their medical supply and medication needs. Are you running an adult day care? Do you have a nursing home with elderly residents? Are you the coordinator of a senior care facility?

To take care of your residents, guests or adult day care participants, you need to have medical supplies and pharmaceutical essentials handy. To help you maintain the best health of those under your care, Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy provides:

  • quarterly in medication therapy reviews for your patients
  • delivery to your facility
  • personalized billing
  • pharmacist consultations
  • cyclic prescription refills for your residents
  • coordination with prescribing physician or your resident doctor

For all of your facility’s requirements, Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy is here to help. In serving long-term care facilities, our pharmacy is proud to have met all state and federal compliance standards.

Please feel free to call us at 805-495-1015 for further inquiries.

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