The Parent Guide to Taking Care of Sick Children

sick child

As our children are growing up, they are likely to explore more and play more. This is only very essential in their learning and development. However, as much as we hate to keep them from being actively running in the playground under the heat of the sun, sicknesses are just around the corner ready to keep our children from the playground themselves. As parents, we want to provide the best care to help our little ones heal fast and be back to their healthy colors.

We can relate to the struggles of parenthood that is why we, at Lynn Oaks your Compounding Pharmacy in Lynn Road Thousand Oaks CA, have provided some of how to give our little ones the extra tender loving care that can be vital for a faster strength-regaining.

Keep the fluids in check.
Water washes out the toxins in the body and also keeps the body hydrated. When the body heats up during a fever, its water demand increases. This is why you should always keep a bottle of water at the bedside table for your child to take. Sometimes it can be hard to make our kids drink plain water. You can switch it up to fruit juices but avoid citruses for they can irritate the throat. Decaffeinated tea with a little honey works too.

Carefully pick their food.
It is parents’ instinct to provide the best nutrition for our sick little ones. Some parents would go out of their ways to shop for food they think are healthy. However, this is not advisable. Sick tummies are more sensitive tummies. So, it is important to still take extra precaution in choosing what to feed our kids. Soups are typically the safest go-to because they can act as vaporizers which can alleviate stuffy nose. Apples, toasts, and crackers are also good but it should also be noted that everything must be taken in modicum amount.

Provide a quiet and comfortable place for resting
Keep all the noises from your child’s sleeping area. Kids are extra irritable when sick. You won’t want them to throw a fit when they should be getting the rest their bodies need. Make sure that the bed is cozy and that the room is set to a temperature that is suitable for your child’s needs. This can be the time you get your special blankets out, too.

Encourage rest
Sleeping is the body’s way of fighting off the infection and restoring strength. That is why sick kids sleep more than usual. Encourage your kids to take their time in resting. It can be quite frustrating on their side to see other kids play while they stay in bed. However, with a reminder, you can assure them that with a little more rest, they can play all the same.

Get creative with the medication system
It can be quite a chore to get your kids to drink medicine, and the tendency is that they won’t like the taste. This is where creativity comes in. Devise methods to get your kids to take the medicine without realizing it. Famous ways are mixing it with their food or letting them eat something sweet after taking the medicine in order to wash off the taste.

Hard as it is, parenting blues intensify in times of our children’s sicknesses. We understand the struggle that is why we here, at Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy are ready to provide health services that are focused on your family’s wellness. We specialize in customizing medications and dosages that best fit you and your family members’ needs and age. We also have a variety of flavors you can choose from for your child. For more information concerning our services, give us a visit at Lynn Road Thousand Oaks CA or call us at 805-495-1015.

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