Why Taking Someone’s Medications is Deadly


Every one of us shall be grateful for our ancestors. Through their bright minds, living has become more comfortable. We owe them for the cars, buses and trains we ride on every single day. They have also invented the lamps we use to light our houses every night, as well as the computers we use at both at work and at home.

Among all the things that we should be thankful for our ancestors the most is the availability of drugs we use to heal various medical conditions. Without Frederick Bayer and Felix Hoffman who formulated the proper combination of chemicals to produce aspirin, fevers and pains would be intolerable.

Since genius chemists from the past discovered drugs which could treat particular diseases, it is already our responsibility to use them appropriately.

The common habits which lead to drug misuse are taking medications which have been prescribed for others. Despite constant warnings and precautions of pharmacists and physicians like those in Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy in Lynn Road Thousand Oaks CA, there are still individuals who does not heed to their advice.

Hence, it is still timely to remind everyone of the following dangers when one chooses to take the medication prescribed to another.

  1. Risk of Stevens-Johnson syndrome
    Steven-Johnson syndrome is a peculiar disorder of the skin and mucous membrane. Medication for this condition requires hospitalization and recovery will take at least a few weeks.
    When you take another person’s medication, you might end up with this serious and rare medical condition. People who accidentally or voluntarily take the following medications, which is not prescribed to them, are at high risk of Steven-Johnson Syndrome:

    • Anti-gout medications,
    • Penicillin,
    • Radiation therapy,
    • Medication to treat seizures or mental illness, and
    • Some pain relievers.
  2. Prescriptions Meant for One Person
    Why are prescriptions necessary? Why do pharmacies like Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy require one to submit a prescription from a physician before releasing some drugs?
    Every store which sells drugs and medications are required by the Food and Drugs Administration to ask for prescription before a patient could purchase drugs like those which:

    • Have dangerous side effects,
    • Doctor prescribes when less expensive drugs might work better,
    • Are harmful when combined with other drugs,
    • Shall be used only for certain health conditions, and
    • Are often misused or abused.
  3. Probability of Negative Drug Interactions
    As previously mentioned, prescription from doctors are necessary before one could purchase specific drugs and one of the reasons enumerated is that it may combine with other chemicals in your body leading adverse results to occur.
    This probability is likely to occur because prescription drugs are powerful. Research has shown that there could be a hundred possible things that could happen to a person when there is an inappropriate mixture in your body; hence no medication could treat this condition yet.
  4. Possible Cause of Death
    All drugs offered in pharmacies have potential of adverse side effects when not properly used or when abused. When we take medications which are not meant for us, the doctors will not have a clear understanding of what will happen to us because such risk is not managed.
    As the FDA has repeatedly noted, a person can possibly die from respiratory depression from misusing or abusing prescription painkillers.
    Drugs can do magic in our body but we could not control how it will work when already taken. Our control ends when it enters our mouth so we have to beware and be careful- never take someone else’s medication.
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